Big smiles aren't the only sign of success

In fact, we see things in a different way. For us, it’s about creating the very best experience through compassion, integrity and fun too. We combine the very best in technology with our passion for excellence . Our office features a careful selection of high tech tools and in-house imaging and laboratory services. And good hearted humans deliver services you can trust.

Every journey is different.

Every patient is different. You have different expectations, different motivations, and different goals – and we’re going to work hard to customize an approach that works best for you. And it all starts with an initial consultation.


Your first visit to our office gives you the chance to see who we are and what we can do for you. You’ll meet our vibrant team, including Dr. Kamelchuk, and get answers to those important questions you have. During this first meeting, we’ll examine your alignment, check for crowding, look at your bite and see what orthodontic treatment might be necessary. Together, we’ll help make a plan for you – the right plan.

Early Detection

We begin to assess kids as early as age 7 to see if there are any orthodontic or jaw issues. If your child is having difficulty chewing or biting, grinds their teeth, sucks their thumb, loses baby teeth too early or shows crowded, protruding or blocked teeth, an early consultation is a good idea. With preventative treatment, we can be proactive in our approach and improve the situation while the mouth is still growing.

Interceptive Treatment

Interceptive treatment can simplify future treatment, and lead to an optimal orthodontic experience. Some examples of interceptive treatment include regulating the width of the upper & lower dental arches, making space for permanent teeth, reducing the need for extraction of permanent teeth, eliminating thumb sucking or other potentially debilitating habits and addressing abnormal swallowing or speech problems.


Two-phase orthodontics involves a short course of early treatment for patients typically between 7 and 11 years old and a more comprehensive second phase of treatment when all of the remaining adult teeth have erupted. Splitting orthodontic treatment into two phases generally results in a more comfortable experience overall, and isn’t typically more expensive than pursuing one phase of adolescent treatment.

Bite Issues

We successfully treat a number of bite issues, which can improve a patient’s health, and confidence. From Overbite, Teeth Protrusion and Crossbite to Overjet, Crowding and Spacing issues, we have the products, insight and a Team to correct bite issues for kids and adults.


We use surgical orthodontics to correct jaw irregularities while correcting the bite which improves the ability to chew, speak, breathe – and can often also improve facial appearance. After orthodontic surgery, you should be able to return to work or school within 2 weeks, with healing taking from 4-8 weeks.

Your journey starts with
a custom assessment. Book yours today.

Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk


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