What to Expect - Your First Appointment

Your first visit to NW Group Calgary Orthodontics will be a fun and educational experience. We will complete a thorough examination together, you’ll meet our Team and we’ll show you the exciting way we provide orthodontics. Without any obligation whatsoever you’ll be able to decide if you’d like to build a relationship with us based on mutual respect and trust.

Your initial examination appointment will take about 1 hour, and Dr. Kamelchuk will spend one-on-one time with you to answer questions and explain everything about your treatment. We will:

  • Examine your teeth alignment
  • Examine your teeth spacing / crowding
  • Measure your jaw alignment (e.g. overbite, underbite, side deviation)
  • Determine what orthodontic treatment is right for you
  • Determine whether treatment is appropriate now, in the future or never
  • Discuss the costs of treatment, your insurance and payment options

Digital pictures will be used to examine your individual orthodontic issues and computer imaging and simulation animations will explain your treatment options. Digital x-rays may be taken, but not if your dentist can provide a recent panoramic x-ray instead. We will share everything we see with you, and illustrate how your bite function can be improved, and your smile enhanced.

We will also answer all of the questions that you might have (and maybe even some you didn’t know you had). As an immediate follow-up we will also deliver a written package after the appointment, to both you and your Dentist, outlining anything we discussed and the information we presented. Communication is important to us, so we'll want to hear more from you if you happen to have any additional questions following your appointment.

Our Promises

The Team at NW Group Calgary Orthodontics shares a clear understanding of what orthodontics should be for our patients. We believe in providing quality-based orthodontic care, in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere, while building one relationship at a time. You will find that we:

  • Communicate in a meaningful manner
  • Partner with you in any decision making
  • Show compassion and caring
  • Support every patient’s individual needs
  • Respect your trust

Kamelchuk Bucks!

We like to reward our patients at NW Group Calgary Orthodontics for caring for their teeth and gums, and for achieving progress in their treatment. You will earn Kamelchuk Bucks at your appointments, starting at your first, which can either be spent on prize raffles throughout the year (or donated back to charity). And this isn’t just for kids and teens, one third of our patients are adults aged 18-74!

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