Types of Braces

The technology of braces has changed a lot in recent years and we are embracing that change! We are now able to move your teeth more easily, with better looking braces, and with less discomfort.

We primarily use SPEED Braces, but also offer other popular types of braces such as the Damon bracket system, GAC In-Ovation brackets and several others. The choice of brackets will be dependent on your needs, but all of these systems are self-ligating braces, which means:

  • Smaller, more comfortable brackets!
  • No fastening of archwires with twist-tie wires, or elastics
  • Semi-clear and aesthetically pleasing brackets
  • Each bracket has a built-in clip that allows us to easily place the archwire securely
  • Your teeth can move with less discomfort
  • Fewer office visits!
  • Less food will get stuck in your braces
  • Braces are easier to keep clean
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