... but there is a U in Team Kamelchuk!

You won't just feel welcome here, you'll feel like you belong.

Because you’ll play such a big role in your treatment, we consider you part of Team Kamelchuk. Without a referral, you can book a complimentary consultation now to meet the other team members, and Dr. Kamelchuk. We’ll answer your questions and discuss your treatment options, with no obligations.

Team Kamelchuk

Who's On Our Team?

Orthodontics, like a cooperative sport, requires a team of highly skilled members, each with a specialized role and unique set of talents. Let’s meet our star players:

Clinical Assistants

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Our Clinical Assistants are all highly trained and specialized in orthodontic assisting. You’ll deal with them a fair amount as they help with many aspects of your treatment. You will find they will be able to answer a lot of your questions as well. By working together as a team, they handle multiple patients at once, making scheduling more convenient for you.

The Administrators

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Our Administrative Team plays a key role in scheduling your appointments in a way that works for you! Shorter appointments can be booked outside of school or work hours so your day isn’t interrupted, while longer appointments are usually booked mid-morning or mid-afternoon. You request what you’d like, and our Administrators will do their best to find a time that works. The Administrative Team also confidently and confidentially handles billing and insurance details for you.

The Treatment Coordinators

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Our Treatment Coordinators provide an important link between the Clinical Assistants and the Administrative Team. Communication between all players is important for any team, and we’re no exception. If you have any questions about your treatment, our Treatment Coordinators will have the answer for you. If they don’t have the answer, we guarantee they’ll find it!

Our Lab Support Network

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Orthodontic treatment and long-lasting retention require specialized lab support. At NW Group Calgary Orthodontics, we operate and staff our own full-service lab, which ensures in-house quality control. You probably won’t see the Lab Technicians too often during your visits to our clinic, but they are always working hard behind the scenes to make your treatment better.

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