Surgical Orthodontics

The aim of surgical orthodontics (or orthodontic correction combined with orthognathic surgery) is to correct jaw irregularities while correcting the bite at the same time. This will improve the ability to chew, the ability to speak, the manner in which a patient breathes, and often also improves facial appearance.

Who needs Surgical Orthodontics?

Your jaw must be nearly or fully grown before surgical orthodontics can be done, which typically happens at age 16 for girls and age 19 or 20 for boys. Therefore this type of treatment is typically only recommended for adult patients with bite issues or facial aesthetic concerns. However, many of types of treatment with braces can begin earlier as part of non-surgical adolescent treatment.

How does Surgical Orthodontics work?

Dr. Kamelchuk will work together with a recommended Oral Surgeon, and your orthodontic treatment will be coordinated to overlap with your surgery treatment.

After having met with Dr. Kamelchuk, you will also meet the Oral Surgeon to review the surgery details and discuss any additional concerns that you might have. Orthodontic treatment will begin with braces and you’ll visit Dr. Kamelchuk for regular adjustment check-ups. Approximately two-thirds of the way through orthodontic treatment, you’ll have your specifically scheduled surgery with the Oral Surgeon.

After surgery, you should be able to return to work or school within 2 weeks. Full healing takes 4-8 weeks, at which point you’ll visit Dr. Kamelchuk again for the remaining fine-tuning of your bite. Braces are typically removed 12-24 weeks after your surgery.

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