Convenient Appointments

We offer flexible appointment times, Monday to Friday, and schedule our patients carefully to make your treatment trouble-free. We see patients outside of school and work hours as much as possible, and offer noon-hour appointments as well. Our aim is to minimize the disruption to your day.

Longer appointments are typically scheduled mid-morning or mid-afternoon, to allow us the time we need, and making the before and after school appointments available for shorter appointments. However, we are still pleased to offer you a variety of times for each appointment type.

Since certain times are in higher demand, we do encourage all patients to book their next appointment before leaving our clinic.

Appointments During your Treatment

During active orthodontic treatment, patients are typically seen every 6 weeks for a 20-30 minute appointment. Some of these appointments may end up conflicting with school or work, but we have designed our schedule to offer appointments on the “off hours” as much as possible.

If you are running late for an appointment, please call us and let us know when to expect you. To ensure fairness to all of our patients, we may need to reschedule you depending on the circumstances.

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