Types of Retainers

When active treatment nears completion, Dr. Kamelchuk and his Team will discuss a variety of different retainer options and help you select the proper retainer for your needs.

Retention is the final phase of orthodontic treatment that ensures your teeth don’t shift back towards their prior positioning after your braces are removed. Dr. Kamelchuk will discuss your options and help you select an appropriate retainer to ensure your teeth stay aligned over time.

The Hawley Retainer

The most common type of retainer, it has an acrylic body that is moulded to fit your mouth and uses wire clips to hold the appliance in place.

The Essix Retainer

This is a clear plastic retainer that is moulded to your teeth, and resembles the Invisalign appliance. It is comfortable and unnoticeable while you’re wearing it.

Permanent (or Bonded) Retainers

To ensure your new alignment stands the test of time, custom-shaped flexible wire can be semi-permanently bonded to the inner surfaces of your teeth, providing an unnoticeable and long-term solution.

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