Digital X-Rays

At our orthodontic clinic, we use only digital x-ray technology for all of our x-ray imaging, as opposed to traditional film-based, chemically-processed x-rays.

Digital x-ray has many advantages:

  • Improved image quality
  • Greater ability to enhance and process images
  • Environmentally friendly: no chemicals are required for processing
  • Immediate image development

We didn’t jump on board with digital x-ray technology until we knew it would work with our patients’ best interests in mind. In 2007 we made a careful purchase of the Sirona Galileos cone beam x-ray, which offers 3D digital x-ray and has been serving all of our imaging needs very well.

The digital x-ray technology we use allows us to see things in ways we could not visualize before, and allows us to plan your treatment better than ever before. Considering your health, we will still only take x-rays when they are absolutely necessary, and only if we aren’t able to get recent x-rays from your family dentist.

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