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Quality treatment is of paramount importance,
but we offer it with a healthy dose of real personality and a caring attitude.

Looking to get braces in Calgary?

Look no further than NW Group Calgary Orthodontics.
Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk Orthodontics

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New Patients are
Always Welcome
We Offer a 1-Hour
Complimentary Consultation
No Referral Needed

We provide an experience that's …

kind upbeat thorough knowledgeable accommodating professional positive fun!

Straighten Up, Calgary!

Are you curious if braces may be in your child’s future?

You and your child / teen would benefit from a complimentary orthodontic consultation if they:

  • Are showing crowded, protruding, or misplaced teeth
  • Have oral habits like sucking fingers
  • Are losing baby teeth too early
  • Have difficulty chewing or biting, or with jaw movement
  • Grind their teeth

The Canadian Association of Orthodontics recommends
children have an orthodontic consultation by age 7.

But it's never too late.

Let's Talk Braces

Sit down with Calgary orthodontist Dr. Kamelchuk
and get answers to all your questions about braces

Dr. Kamelchuk, provider of braces in Calgary

We offer a 1-hour
Comprehensive Consultation
to all new patients at no charge,
and with no obligation.

Dr. Kamelchuk will:

  • Examine teeth alignment
  • Measure jaw alignment
  • Determine the right orthodontic treatment (braces or otherwise)
  • Determine the right time for treatment: now, later or never
  • Examine teeth spacing / crowding
  • Explain your options with computer imaging and simulated animations
  • Clearly discuss the costs, your insurance, and payment options
  • Provide a written package for your consideration, with no obligation

Most importantly:

  • Dr. K will make your child feel comfortable with a healthy dose of humour & fun. He’ll alleviate their anxiety and explain everything in a way they can relate to
  • Dr. K will make you feel comfortable with the idea of braces by answering all of your questions (even the ones you didn’t know you had), explaining the costs and options, and making himself available if you have follow-up concerns.

Our promises to you:

  • Maintain meaningful communication
  • Partner with you when decisions are made
  • Show a truly caring and compassionate attitude
  • Support your child’s individual needs
  • Respect your trust

Early Detection + Types of Treatment

An examination helps to detect if there are orthodontic problems. And early detection may prevent longer, more invasive treatment later on. But early detection doesn’t always result in early treatment.

Early Treatment encourages proper growth & development. Braces may be used to help regulate the width of upper & lower dental arches, make room for permanent teeth, and reduce likelihood of issues with impacted permanent teeth.

Two-Phase Treatment typically involves treatment from 7-11 years, and again at 12-13 years. Getting braces in this way isn’t typically more expensive than adolescent treatment alone, but may be more comfortable and effective.

Adolescent Treatment with braces is most common, as a single phase when your child’s face is still growing and developing, though this treatment is often planned earlier in childhood.

Overall, every case is different and Dr. Kamelchuk will share a treatment plan at your first consultation. But timing may be important, so it’s recommended to have an examination done as early as age 7.

Why Choose Us?

At NW Group Calgary Orthodontics:

  • You’ll receive quality-driven orthodontics in a comfortable, upbeat atmosphere
  • You’ll have a choice for braces – from modern brackets to Invisalign – based on your specific needs
  • You’ll be treated by an orthodontist with 16 years of experience, who teaches at the University Graduate level and lectures worldwide
  • Appointments and scheduling are convenient, and we’re easy to get to, with plenty of free parking
  • You’ll receive personal care that results in a beautiful smile, healthy teeth, and a trusting relationship for the years ahead.

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