Becoming a New Patient

Start with a complimentary consultation with Dr. K

Take a seat next to Dr. Kamelchuk for a 1-hour consultation that's discovery-filled, fun and informative.

There's no no obligation and we're always accepting new patients without professional referrals.

Complimentary Consultations include:

  • A tour of our clinic and staff introductions
  • Digital imaging (photographic and x-ray, as necessary) for visualization of potential treatment
  • An opportunity to express any of your concerns
  • Discussing treatment timing: now, later, or never
  • Discussing treatment options: and there are many
  • Clear, concise and guaranteed fees presentation
  • Assistance with 3rd party or insurance coverage
  • An opportunity to ask all of your questions

After your consultation you’ll be able to decide whether you would like to receive care from us. There is absolutely no obligation and we will provide a written package detailing everything we've discussed so you can consider it carefully. Questions are also welcome at any time after your consultation.

New patients are always welcome!
No referral needed.
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